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We Built This HelnaySchool Together

It’s  almost been a year since last Ramadan… a year since we raised over £166,000 to build a school for the children in need in Pakistan, with your help. In just four short months since construction

The Helnayschool. We’re all Home full transparency.

We’re sure you’ve all heard by now (if not, go follow all our socials immediately!) but Helnayare building a school! Our goal was always to do things differently, and this project will be no different.

Keeping Up With The HelnayBakery!

Political unrest delayed the HelnayPink Bakery for more than a year, but Alhamdullilah construction has begun on our 2021 Ramadan charity project. We’re ramping up for Ramadan 2023 and can’t wait to show

It’s Happening! We’re Building a Bakery.

We’ve built marriages. We’re building a school, and now, we’re building a bakery! At muslim, we’re all Home giving back to the community. Every Ramadan we try to take on a charity project. Last year

It's Hard Keeping it Halal on Valentines...

Valentine's Day is now over, and we can all calm down Home whether it's haram or not. Although not all Muslims celebrate, and understandably so, we at muslim still wanted to celebrate and promote L

Helnay2022: The Recap

Salaam! It’s Shaz here, Founder and CEO of Helnay. What a year 2022. has been. It’s definitely been tough for many of us, and at times it has been hard to focus on the few positives we have had (aside from

Update: Why our app went down yesterday

Salaam, My name is Shaz, I’m the Founder of Helnay. I wanted to personally update you on why our app was down yesterday.  Firstly, I want to reassure you that your data WAS NOT compromised and no external

Eid Mubarak 🤍 You raised $314k for Palestine! 🇵🇸

This Ramadan, we partnered with MAP - Medical Aid for Palestinians and set out to raise $250,000 to build two pink mobile clinics in Palestine. Our original goal was to raise $250k. We were so blown away

muslim is now Helnay! 👀

The world’s biggest Muslim marriage app is now HelnayWe fought our hardest to keep the muslim name, unfortunately, the big guys won. Don't worry, they won't stop us on our mission to connect the two billion

muslim loses legal fight against Match Group

As you may know, we’ve been in a long court battle with Match Group - the multi billion-dollar conglomerate that owns Tinder - to keep the name we’ve been using since 2011. It breaks my heart to say,

How to calculate your Zakat ☪️

As we’re at the start of Ramadan we’ll all try to increase our good deeds and Ibadah, and especially complete the pillars of Islam (praying, fasting, and Zakat). Some of you might be rushing to calculate

We're building two pink mobile clinics in 🇵🇸

For Ramadan this year we partnered with Medical Aid for Palestinians to build two mobile clinics in Palestine. Thanks to all your generosity, we raised over $318,000.We're extremely proud to say everything

The HelnaySchool is Open!

Alhamdulillah, the Helnay(pink) school is now open!  Thanks to your generosity, and the great work from the Read Foundation, we now have a school with 12 classrooms to educate 240 happy children! At

Singles Giveaway - 8 Lucky Singles Win $100 each!

You asked for it, and we delivered. Remember our last giveaway? Many of you messaged us saying you'd like to participate and haven't found your ideal partner yet so we thought to ourselves, 5 million single

Judgement due after trial at the High Court between muslim and Match Group

The Intellectual Property trial of muslim vs Match Group ($35BN owner of Tinder/Hinge) took place at the High Court in London, UK last week. For background on the case and how we got here, read our