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Why was I charged after I activated my free trial?

If you have been charged, after activating a free trial, this may be because:

A) You have previously activated a free trial

Apple/Google only allow customers to activate one free trial per app. Each time a customer tries to activate a free trial, Apple/Google will therefore show a confirmation dialog which explains whether they are eligible for a free trial or whether they need to pay for the product.

If you have been charged, you may have tapped confirm on this dialog.

B) Your trial period expired

Once a member’s free trial expires, their subscription is automatically renewed, so that they can continue enjoying the benefits of Gold. If you do not wish to be charged, your trial can be cancelled up to 24 hours before expiry.

To be fully transparent and help our community make an informed decision, we include these terms on the screen, from which you activated your trial.

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